With the holidays quickly approaching, many offices in the Las Vegas area will be giving their employees time off and perhaps even closing the office for several days at a time. Only essential personnel will be on site, and those people will only be there for a few hours each day. If you’re a business owner who plans to shut down or close shop for an extended period of time this winter, it’s important make sure your HVAC systems are in optimal shape before you leave. At Enix Mechanical, we can inspect your commercial heating and cooling systems and make sure they’ll be operational when you return to the office after the holidays.

Setting the Thermostat

If your office is going to be mostly, if not completely, empty over the holidays, it’s important to set the thermostat at an appropriate temperature so the HVAC doesn’t run as often. There’s no one in the office, so you won’t have to worry about it being too hot or too cold, but you also don’t want your system to run when it doesn’t need to. You don’t need to turn the system off completely, since getting it running again when you return can take time and potentially cause problems. Changing the thermostat three or four degrees can keep your energy costs low while the office is empty.

Have Someone Check on Things

If you’re not able to check on things at the office on a regular basis because you’re sitting on a beach somewhere for the holidays, make sure there is someone who can. Your maintenance personnel might be coming in a few times to clean and check on the office, and having them inspect and control your heating and cooling systems can give you peace of mind while you’re away from work.

Get Everything Ready for the New Year

Once people begin coming back to work after the holidays, it can be tough to get back into the swing of things. Reestablishing a routine can be a challenge, and it can be even harder if the office isn’t at a comfortable temperature. If you’re closed down from the end of December into January, make sure someone turns the system back up (or down) a day or two before people come back to work. Depending on the size of your commercial space, it can take a few days for the space to heat up or cool down, and you don’t want your employees coming back to an office that’s blazing or freezing.

If you’re searching for commercial HVAC maintenance before the holiday season, or you’re concerned that your system may experience a problem while nobody is in the office, contact Enix Mechanical today. You may need to upgrade your old thermostat with a newer, smarter model, or you may want to find out how you can improve your energy efficiency in the new year. Whatever the case may be, we can help. Contact us in Las Vegas today to schedule your pre-holiday maintenance, and let us know what your HVAC needs are!

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