1. Building a Fence Around Your Air Conditioner

    Having an air conditioner that works well (and runs quietly) is the wish of every homeowner. When those Vegas temperatures begin climbing towards the triple digits, you’ll want to be sure your AC is in top condition. However, even if you have the nicest, newest air conditioning unit, you may want to build a fence around it, either for aesthetic purposes or to minimize the amount of noise it crea…Read More

  2. HVAC Questions Every Homebuyer Should Ask

    If you’re hoping to a buy a home in the near future, there are many things you’re looking for in a new house. You may want an updated kitchen or a large master bedroom, but what about the HVAC system? With most of the heating and cooling systems out of sight behind the walls and under the floors, you might not give much thought to the furnace or air conditioner. However, if you want to be comf…Read More

  3. Setting Up Your New Multi-Unit Office Building

    If you’re a commercial property owner, or you’re planning to purchase a multi-unit commercial space in the near future, it’s important to think about the HVAC system for each unit. You want to attract the best businesses and tenants, and having a well-functioning heating and cooling system will keep those tenants happy. If there are constant problems with the temperature in each office, you…Read More

  4. New Year? New Furnace!

    We know that replacing your furnace in the middle of winter isn’t the best option, but luckily for those in Las Vegas, the temperature doesn’t dip quite as low as it does in other parts of the country. With the New Year only days away, you might be thinking about the updates you can make to your home in 2017. At Enix Mechanical, we would love to help you choose and install a new heating system…Read More

  5. Company Coming for the Holidays?

    If you have company coming for the holidays, you’re probably spending your time cleaning the house, getting the guest rooms ready, and shopping for groceries. However, have you thought about the demand that will be put on your heating system? With more people staying in the house for a few days at a time, you may have to adjust the thermostat to compensate, which can cause your HVAC system to ru…Read More

  6. Sizing a New Home Air Conditioner

    When HVAC experts talk about “sizing” a residential air conditioner, they’re not talking about the physical dimensions of the unit, but rather the unit’s ability to produce cool air for every room in the house. When choosing a new AC for your home, it’s important to pick one that’s the right size for the square footage of your house. A unit that’s too small won’t be able to keep up…Read More

  7. Replace the Ductwork in Your Office Building

    If you’ve ever walked through your office and noticed that it’s very warm in some areas, but freezing cold in others, it could be an indicator that there are leaks in your ductwork. Even the smallest leak or crack can lead to significantly decreased airflow and system efficiency, and certain areas will receive warm air from the furnace, while others are left in the cold. This can also lead to …Read More

  8. Dealing with a Furnace Breakdown

    While we hope it never happens to you, it’s still possible that your furnace could give out or break down in the middle of a winter night. If this does happen, it’s important to have the appliance inspected and repaired as soon as possible. However, it will take some time for a repairman to get there, and if there’s a serious issue, there are things you and your family can do in the meantime…Read More

  9. The Best Options When Replacing Your Furnace

    The average lifespan of a furnace is approximately 15 years, but with proper maintenance and upkeep, a heating system can last 20 years or more. However, there will come a time when it’s more cost effective to replace your furnace, instead of dealing with inefficiency and higher heating bills. At Enix Mechanical, we want to help Las Vegas homeowners find the best options for replacing their furn…Read More

  10. Closing the Office for the Holidays?

    With the holidays quickly approaching, many offices in the Las Vegas area will be giving their employees time off and perhaps even closing the office for several days at a time. Only essential personnel will be on site, and those people will only be there for a few hours each day. If you’re a business owner who plans to shut down or close shop for an extended period of time this winter, it’s i…Read More