dreamstime_xxl_8683057As a business owner, your plate is often full to overflowing. Dealing with HVAC issues is the last thing you want to do, but when a problem arises, it’s important to get it taken care of as soon as possible. At Enix Mechanical, our commercial HVAC services can take care of any issue involving your air conditioning, heating, air quality and more. In this blog, we’ll cover some common commercial HVAC problems, and what to do when one rears its ugly head.

Poor Air Quality

If the air coming out of your building’s vents smells funny, or people with asthma or allergies are complaining about poor air quality, there could be many reasons behind it. Dirty filters and leaks in the ductwork are common culprits, and our technicians can pinpoint and remedy any issue related to air quality.

Strange Noises

There’s nothing more distracting to productivity than a noisy HVAC system. If your ductwork is loud, or the AC makes a lot of noise when it turns on or shuts off, it’s imperative to have a certified technician inspect it immediately. Strange noises can be indicators of broken parts, loose parts, or that something major is about to go wrong.

System Capacity

Another common HVAC issue that is found in office buildings is a lack of system capacity. Oftentimes, the cooling or heating systems are outdated, while the interior has been remodeled, and the HVAC can’t keep up with demand. Your system may also be too large or too small for your office space, which can lead to inefficiencies of all kinds.

If you’re a business owner in Las Vegas, and you’ve noticed any of the issues above, or any HVAC problems for that matter, contact Enix today!

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