If you’ve ever walked through your office and noticed that it’s very warm in some areas, but freezing cold in others, it could be an indicator that there are leaks in your ductwork. Even the smallest leak or crack can lead to significantly decreased airflow and system efficiency, and certain areas will receive warm air from the furnace, while others are left in the cold. This can also lead to higher energy bills, since your system will have to work harder to adequately heat the entire office. At Enix Mechanical in Las Vegas, we can repair and replace the ductwork in your commercial space.

Leaky Ductwork Can Lead to Other HVAC Problems

Not only will leaky ductwork cause efficiency and temperature problems, it can also lead to other HVAC issues such as more frequent repairs. Since the system is running more often to accommodate for the thermostat settings, parts will be at a higher risk of malfunctioning. More demand is being placed upon them, so it’s more likely that they’ll wear out sooner. Instead of a heat exchanger or blower motor that lasts 10 years, it may only last seven or eight. It’s also important to secure a warranty on your heating equipment, and we’ll gladly discuss all of your warranty options when installing or repairing your system.


Be Mindful of Air Quality

If your ductwork has holes in it, it’s more prone to pulling in and distributing dust and debris throughout the building. You might have a weekly cleaning crew come in after hours to maintain the building, but even they won’t be able to stay ahead of the dust. Every time the system kicks on, air filled with pollutants and allergens is being pushed throughout the office. This can affect those with asthma and allergies, and make the office a less enjoyable place to work.

Does Your Building Have Multiple Floors?

If your building has multiple floors, it can be beneficial to have the ductwork inspected and repaired on a regular basis. If one floor is always cold while another is hot, it could be due to poor air circulation and leaky ductwork. You’ll also want to make sure any return registers aren’t blocked so they can pull air back into the system for proper airflow.


Replacing the Ducts

We understand that replacing the ductwork in your building can be a lengthy and involved process, but we’ll come up with the best approach to fixing any leaks and removing any old or faulty sections. We want to minimize interruptions to your workflow, and can schedule a time that fits your office’s routine. It might be necessary to relocate some employees for a period of time, but we’ll work as quickly as possible to finish your HVAC project.

No matter what kind of commercial HVAC service you need, Enix Mechanical can help. Contact us today in Las Vegas to discuss your project, and we’ll begin working on the best plan for fixing your system’s issues. We look forward to serving you!