Having an air conditioner that works well (and runs quietly) is the wish of every homeowner. When those Vegas temperatures begin climbing towards the triple digits, you’ll want to be sure your AC is in top condition. However, even if you have the nicest, newest air conditioning unit, you may want to build a fence around it, either for aesthetic purposes or to minimize the amount of noise it creates in your backyard. You may also have HOA regulations that require you to shield a unit on the side of your house from view. If you’re thinking about enclosing your AC, there are some things to consider. We’ll cover some of those tips in this blog, and whenever you need expert home HVAC maintenance, you can count on Enix Mechanical!

Consider the Spacing

Fencing around your AC can minimize and deflect noise, but it’s important to consider the space with which you have to work. You don’t want to crowd the cooling system, and allowing for at least three feet on all sides of the unit will give it room to breathe. If you’re going with a completely enclosed fence, such as hardwood, you want to be sure the unit can receive proper airflow. Encroaching on the unit’s space can be one of the fast ways to system malfunction and inefficiency.

Consider the Design

Depending on the placement and position of your air conditioner, it’s important to consider the design of your fence or enclosure. Incorporating elements that are found in the architecture of your house is a great way to make the new enclosure blend in and look like it belongs there. You’ll also want to consider the type of fencing material to use. Latticework is great option, as it hides the units and allows for air to flow through the fencing. You may also want to include plants and shrubbery to hide your AC, but again, be sure they’re far enough away and won’t grow too large and encroach on the unit. You’ll also want to be aware of leaves, flowers, and twigs finding their way into the unit.

Include Access for Maintenance

When adding a fence or shrubbery to hide your AC, you’ll want to be sure to include an easy access point for HVAC maintenance. If you build the fence on all sides of the unit, add a gate where it makes most sense and that way, service technicians can easily repair your cooling system. If you opt for plants or bushes, make sure they’re not thorny or too close together. The last thing an HVAC technician wants is to have to wade through thick bushes to get to your air conditioner. Your repair and maintenance appointments will take much less time if the unit is easily accessible!

If you’re thinking about putting a fence around your AC, or you’ve received a notice from your HOA that your unit shouldn’t be visible from the street, take the time to think about what materials you’ll use, what will be best for design, and whether or not the unit will still be accessible. If you need a new air conditioning unit, or you need your current system moved to another spot in your backyard, contact Enix right away. We have years of experience with all types of heating and cooling systems, and are proud to serve the entire Las Vegas area. It doesn’t matter how old or new your AC unit is, if you’ve just moved into your home, or you’ve lived there for years, we can handle all of your home HVAC maintenance needs!