dreamstime_xxl_796463-1As a property manager, your plate is always going to be full or overflowing. When things start to heat up early in spring, you’ll be inundated with calls for weeks about malfunctioning (or completely broken) air conditioning in some of the buildings you manage. Throughout the summer, these calls keep trickling in, before usually drying up by late September. But as soon as it starts getting a little chilly at night, the calls start up again, but this time about heating. It’s an incredibly time-consuming responsibility to ensure that all of your tenants are comfortable and happy, while also keeping your (and a property owner’s) costs down. And that’s just for AC and heat. Add plumbing, roofing, and electrical issues, and it becomes almost impossible to make sure everything is getting done promptly and competently.

One of the most important parts of managing commercial or residential properties is the delegation of duties to trusted contractors.

At Enix Mechanical Residential HVAC, we offer single and multi-family housing HVAC services in addition to our commercial services. Not only can we go out and repair problems after they occur, but we can also offer scheduled maintenance checks that will make sure your buildings are ready for the heat in the spring, and the cold in autumn and winter. Few other businesses know as well as we do how important system maintenance is in keeping people happy and costs low. HVAC systems function better, and last longer, when regularly serviced.

With almost twenty years of experience installing and maintaining HVAC systems in the Las Vegas area, we’re perfectly equipped to service any property that you manage — from a large apartment complex to a single family home. We’re armed with the knowledge of the particulars of our unique climate, and its impacts on AC and heating systems, which lets us get things done quickly and efficiently.

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