dreamstime_xxl_26038445-1Now that September is here, people in other parts of the country have begun turning off their air conditioners and getting ready for the colder weather of fall. In Las Vegas, residents are still anticipating 90- to 100-degree days, so turning off their AC is probably the last thing on their mind. If you’ve noticed your cooling system has been struggling to keep up this summer, it can be beneficial to schedule maintenance and repair before fall arrives. The rest of the country may be cooling off, but the Nevada desert has plenty of heat left to give.

Regular Upkeep

Your air conditioning unit has probably been running almost nonstop this summer, and keeping up with maintenance is the surest way to protect against malfunctions. Changing the filters regularly are the best way to keep the cool air inside your home clean and pure, and while filters may be something you can handle yourself, other issues require certified HVAC technicians. A broken motor or fan blower should be left to the professionals, since tinkering in the wrong spots can lead to further AC damage and poses the risk of personal injury.

If your house seems warmer than it should be, or you’ve noticed strange sounds coming from your AC unit, please contact Enix Mechanical right away. Las Vegas summers can be tough on air conditioning, and we want to make sure you have a cool, comfortable home for not only just the fall, but for the entire year. Call us today at (702) 570-4989.

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