1. Replace Your Furnace During the Summer

    Even though it’s summer in Las Vegas and your heating system might be the furthest thing from your mind, now is the perfect time to replace your faulty or outdated furnace. It’s the perfect time because you don’t need your furnace during July and August, and once fall and winter return, you won’t have to worry about your heating system not being able to keep up. At Enix Mechanical, we can …Read More

  2. Commercial Heating Repair for Your Business

    If your building’s heating system isn’t doing an adequate job of keeping your office warm, it’s important to find a reputable HVAC company as soon as possible. Your employees, guests, and customers will feel the uncomfortable cold every time they’re in your building, and that can negatively affect their experience. At Enix Mechanical in Las Vegas, we can take care of your commercial heatin…Read More

  3. Your HVAC Repair Experts

    Living in Las Vegas has its many perks, but the fact of the matter is, you’re still in the desert. When the temperature reaches triple digits, it’s imperative that your air conditioner is working properly. If the AC goes out, your home can quickly warm up, and can even become dangerous, especially if you have pets, small children, or elderly adults in the home. At Enix Mechanical, our HVAC rep…Read More