1. Schedule Fall Air Conditioner Maintenance

    Now that September is here, people in other parts of the country have begun turning off their air conditioners and getting ready for the colder weather of fall. In Las Vegas, residents are still anticipating 90- to 100-degree days, so turning off their AC is probably the last thing on their mind. If you’ve noticed your cooling system has been struggling to keep up this summer, it can be benefici…Read More

  2. Let Us Handle Your Thermostat Replacement

    If you live in an older home in the Las Vegas area, chances are your thermostat is outdated. Unless you’ve had it replaced in the last 10 years, it’s likely that your thermostat isn’t up to modern standards. You may have had your air conditioner or furnace replaced in the past 10 years, but didn’t bother to update the thermostat, and now every time you try to set the temperature, your HVAC…Read More

  3. Are Certain Rooms in Your Home Warmer Than Others?

    If you have your air conditioning set where you want it, but certain rooms in your home still aren’t cooling down, it might not be an issue with your thermostat or cooling system. The problem could be leaks and other damage in your ductwork. At Enix Mechanical in Las Vegas, we can thoroughly inspect your ducts, checking for places where air is being lost, or damage that is causing an obstruction…Read More

  4. Building a New House? Call for Heating and Cooling Installation!

    There are only a few things in life more exciting than building a new home, and at Enix Mechanical in Las Vegas, we love being part of the new homeowner experience. When it comes to heating and cooling installation, it’s important to find an HVAC contractor who understands the ins and outs of designing and building a new system. At Enix, our team knows how to appropriately plan, design, and exec…Read More

  5. Your HVAC Repair Experts

    Living in Las Vegas has its many perks, but the fact of the matter is, you’re still in the desert. When the temperature reaches triple digits, it’s imperative that your air conditioner is working properly. If the AC goes out, your home can quickly warm up, and can even become dangerous, especially if you have pets, small children, or elderly adults in the home. At Enix Mechanical, our HVAC rep…Read More